Discover the Best Air Rifle: Ultimate Air Rifle Comparison Guide

If you enjoy the thrill of an airsoft game or simply want to practice shooting, you definitely need the best air rifle. In reality, almost all airsoft rifles in the market possess similar features, but if you have specific needs, you should look for the right one.

With the chart of airsoft guns below along with the analysis, it can serve as your guide so that you can choose the ideal airsoft gun based on your needs and preferences. We all have our own inclinations and this also applicable when choosing an airsoft gun.

With this comparison chart, it can help you pick out the the best air rifle. These are the bestselling airsoft rifles at the moment!

Ultimate Air Rifle Comparison Guide (click the rifle to read more)

Use the chart below to find the best air rifle!

Product Name & Image
Weight (pounds)
Gamo Hornet
Gamo Silent Stalker Wisper IGT

Gamo Silent Stalker Wisper IGT

Ruger Blackhawk Combo
880 Powerline Kit, Dark Brown/Black 37.6 Inch
0.177 & 6715Pellets & BB4.5$$4.2
Gamo Silent Cat
Whetsone M306a Pump Action
Crosman Softair-Stinger 34 Tactical
Crosman Recruit Multi-Pump with scope

0.177680Pellets & BB3.9$3.8
Heavy M4 M16 Replica Double Eagle M83 A2 Full Automatic

In our guide you’ll find the following columns:

  • Caliber – Learn here what caliber to choose for pellet guns. For pellets caliber in inches for BB caliber in mm.
  • Velocity (FPS) -  Feet per second or FPS level of an airsoft rifle basically refers to the speed of the ammunition after it is discharged out of the rifle. Learn here more about velocity.
  • Ammo - What ammunition do you need? Pellets or BB
  • Weight - The weight of the gun, can you carry this one?
  • Price - Approximate prices on Because these change frequently. Price ranges in the table:
    $ = Anything below 50$
    $$ = $50 up to $100
    $$$ = $100 up to $200
    $$$$ = $200+
  • Review - The average rating of this gun at

View here the complete air rifle matrix with over 40 air rifles!!!

What is an air rifle?

Today, airsoft guns are considered as a popularly enjoyed form of recreation. As an introduction, an airsoft gun is basically a replica of the actual guns. The only difference is that they fire pellets and utilize compressed gas. The CO2 cartridges are the commonly utilized form of compressed gas, but some models function by utilizing electrical springs or motors. The pellets used in airsoft guns can range from plastic, copper and even metal pellets. As long as the appropriate supplies are used, airsoft guns are considered as a safe form of entertainment.

Airsoft guns dates back in the 1970s when they were initially invented in Japan. The pellets primarily used were made out of rubber and shaped like a ball. Eventually, the 6mm and 8mm size pellets became the standard. Due to years of development and technological advancements, the airsoft guns today are superior in quality and advanced in nature as well as strikingly similar to the real guns.

Choosing the best air rifle

Selecting the right airsoft gun that can fit your allotted budget range can be a difficult task. Always take note that the costly units mean that they are more powerful than the affordable ones. Obviously, airsoft guns with a higher caliber can provide users with more features, but you do not need a lot of options and it usually depends on what you will use the gun for.

Many people usually choose an airsoft gun based on the price, not on the purpose. The price is an essential factor during the selection process, thus it is important to look beyond the upfront price but also the ongoing costs that you will face. The factors that you need to take into consideration when buying an airsoft gun includes the cost, upkeep, functionality, FPS, capabilities and the purpose.

Reviews of the Top 5 best air rifles

With the selection of airsoft guns, you are provided with a close glimpse on their features and capabilities. It is best to take time to read the reviews that will follow so that you can determine the right airsoft gun for your needs.

Crosman Recruit Multi-Pump .177 caliber Pellet & BB Rifle air rifle with scope

With the Crosman Recruit, it is built on the standard 66 unit of the company which is a modifiable gun that can develop with young shooters that range from four up to six feet in height. The sighting capability of this 0.117 caliber air rifle is hassle-free due to the included 4x15mm scope made out fiber optics as well as the 200-round receiver’s reservoir that is capable of firing at velocities that go up to 680 feet per second (FPS). When shooting pellets, you have to manually load the 5-shot clip. You are the one in control of the velocities of the pellets by pumping the forearm.


  • 0.177 caliber
  • Pneumatic power source
  • Fiber optic front and rear sights
  • Firing velocity up to 645 FPS with pellets
  • Cross bolt safety

This airsoft rifle includes a limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty in case of faults with the materials and workmanship.

Read our review here.

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

With the Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle, it is built with a 4×32 scope along with mounts and PBA ammunition that can change your viewpoint on using an airsoft gun when hunting. The best part about this high-powered adult airsoft gun is that it can be used for hunting small game and for pest control. This air rifle is made out of a durable all-weather black synthetic stock, thus allowing it to withstand different weather conditions. There is even aerated rubber padding for absorption of recoil along with a manual trigger safety as well as an automatic cocking safety system. Additionally, it has a built-in base for mounting the 4×32 rifle scope.

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Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle

This air rifle is built with an all-weather ambi amalgamated stock with fiber optic sights and a 4×32 scope with mount. The Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle is ideal for dealing with rodents. It has 4x magnification and 32-millimeter objective lens. Other noteworthy features of this air rifle are the multiple lens coating and the matte black finish.

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Heavy M4 M16 Replica Airsoft Gun Double Eagle M83 A2 Full automatic electric rifle

The Double Eagle electric airsoft gun is truly an authentic model. It is capable of firing rounds of 6mm elastic pellets called as BBs, which are released out of the gun through compressed air. An advantage with this airsoft rifle is that users can safely simulate, train or play with the gun without incurring any serious injury. The airsoft rifle offers the same feel, weight and functions just like with the actual firearm, but specifically built for entertainment purposes.

Read our review here.

U.S. Marine Corps Airsoft Spring Rifle

With this compact assault rifle, it offers affordability and reliability due to the spring-powered construction. The U.S. Marine Corps Airsoft Spring Rifle features a folding stock which is considered as the best choice for close quarter combat. The sights are simply flipped up along with an adjustable hop-up that provides velocities up to 325 FPS. The magazine can be quickly reloaded and holds up to 350, 6mm BBs. Additionally, it is equipped with a full length accessory rail.


With the selection of airsoft rifles provided in this comparison chart along with a close look on the features and capabilities, it is now up to you to make the right choice. Depending on the purpose for buying an air rifle, whether for hunting, joining an airsoft event or simply for entertainment, you will surely find the best air rifle from the selection presented.

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